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Im turning fabulous 15 this year. I'm just an ordinary girl who is living in this big wide world and trying to be a better person i can be. Life is full of challenge,Meet it. Life is full of lesson..and this blog is about my life and the lesson that i've learn..

Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm still alive....

 Hey everybody!! yes i am still alive after a little more than 2 years i have been missing in action. I have not posted anything on this blog since June 2013. Wow....come to think of it....it really has been a long time and so many things had happen since then. In 2013, i was just in form4 trying to get use to Biology, chemistry and physics. Also i was struggling to cope with Additional Math. Now in 2015....i'm already graduated from high school and now living in college life.

       About 2 weeks ago....i somehow got motivated and inspired to start blogging again. I started to remember how much i enjoy writing a blog and decided to not just stop. I logged in to this blog and start reading my previous post. I sort of end up being a little emotional since all the memories start flashing into head. Anyway, looking through this blog i had realize how much i had grown and that this blog does not seem to represent the person i am now. I'm not saying that i am completely a different person now.....no i am still me. I'm grown from a 16 year old girl who was still in high school....to an 18 year old girl who is now doing a foundation and living a college life. Because of this i decided to create a new blog that would a fresh start for me. As you can see...even the way i'm writing this post is a little different than the way i wrote my previous post on this blog.

So....my new blog is.....Luminary Skylar


Wanna know why is it call Luminary Skylar?
Go check out my new blog and hopefully you would enjoy it as much as i enjoy blogging.

Even though I will start posting a lot on that blog, i would not delete this blog. This blog is part of my childhood memories and i would still popping in here just checking things out and maybe every once in a while i might post something on here too.

So....this is it for now...and i hope to see you all on Luminary Skylar

- Mizz ShimmerGlimmer a.k.a Luminary Skylar

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Terengganu 2013

Hello Everybody :) how are you guys doing?? good? Alright so.. Last week my mum and i went to Terengganu. We went there because my mum has this JKR meeting for a couple of days. I thought it will be boring because my mum will be in the meeting room all day until night and i will be stuck in the hotel room alone. My mum sign me up for this JKR family trip around Terengganu. I join the trip with my mum's friend's family because my mum has meeting. So its me with my mum's friend's wife and her two beautiful daughters Kak Syikin and Nadia. We went Taman Tamadun Islam. First, we went to the Monument where we see replicas of Mosque all around the world. It was all wonderful and we also get to watch a few documentary videos that are interesting.


Here is me next to a replica of Taj Mahal

You know i really hope than one day i will have a chance to visit the real Taj Mahal.

After that we rode a little tram to Masjid Kristal. It was a beautiful mosque. We stopped by at a shop nearby to buy some drinks since it was a really hot day and we were all dehydrated. Guess what happened?? we missed the tram!! We were so lucky that the next thing on our field trip list was a cruise ride. Luckily the cruise station were just nearby so we had to walked there. When we arrived at the cruise station, we were worried because we couldn't find the rest of people who were on the same trip as us. So we sat down and relax and waited. A few moment later they all arrived. They were actually looking for us. So, once everything was settle down we wore our life jackets and get ready for the cruise ride :D

Here is a picture of me with Kak Syikin waiting at the cruise station.

The cruise were splendid. We get to see different kind of islands, fisherman's boat, beautiful houses, resorts and Masjid Kristal. Our host on the cruise were really nice and funny. He was spontaneous and telling jokes that made everybody laugh.

Here's Masjid Kristal from the cruise view

Here's a picture of me with Nadia wearing our life jackets on the cruise

After the cruise end, we went to this songket gallery and watch people making songket. Its not that easy to make songket. It took skills and passion. Then we had our lunch. Our lunch were delightful and delicious. We had a buffet of rice with fried chicken,fried fish and a few tradisional food. Once we had our lunch we went to Kompleks Keusahawanan. We went to watch people painting batik. The patterns were so pretty.

ITS ME!!! painting batik ^_^

Look!! its a teddy bear made from songket
After that, we went back to our hotel and that was the end of our field trip :)

ZIZAN entertaining us :)

On our last night at Terengganu JKR arranged a family dinner at a stadium. The were lots of delicious tradisional food. You know what?? ZIZAN RAJA LAWAK came and sang us a song. Its turns out that his dad work for JKR. He is a nice guy. He's not the kind of guy who forget their trueself once they got famous. He is the kind of guy who stay true and respect his parents.
Here is me getting bored while waiting for food :)
I really enjoy this trip :) i totally fall in love with Terengganu. Hopefully i am able to visit Terengganu again :) I JUST LOVE TRAVELING !!!! 

Here's a picture of me in the airplane going back to KL
That's it for now :) see ya in the next entry :) Hope you all had a nice holiday :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

I am back blogging ;)

 Hello :D  Next month will be a year i have not been on this blog. WOW!! that seems like a long time.I have to say that i actually miss this blog. i am going to start blogging again even thought there is no one really interested about what i post on this blog. A lot had been happening..this year so far had been a little tough but also great.Tomorrow is the start of a two weeks of school holiday, Yeah!! finally i have time to relax. Form 4 is quite tougher than i thought it would be. I am in pure science class. Biology,physics, and chemistry are quite tough but the most killer subject is ADDMATH!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! i guess i have to do lots of revision and be more hardworking. Another thing that i have to avoid is last minute studying. To be honest i did not prepare much for my mid year examination and i know i screw up! my results are going to be a mess.  I had learn my lesson. Now i will try to fight my laziness and start be more diligent students. I guess that is all for now...BYE!!   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is JUNE going to be a great MONTH for me??

Hey everybody, so the school holiday is coming to an end...and school is gonna start. Are you guys ready for school? Well..I'm not.. i don't know why but i feel like i want the holiday to be longer. Hope that the school is gonna be okay...and not stressing me out much.. The month June is my favourite month..one of the reason is that my BIRTHDAY is in JUNE. The other reasons are..that i just love the number 6 and the month June always turn out great..(i..guess so..) but this year is different. Firstly is because I'm a little worried about my study..and literally panicking and nervous about PMR and also about the results that I'm gonna get. To be honest...i didn't really do well on the exam...soo i guess my mum is going to be disappointed with my result again! Another thing is that my mum will go back to Perth,Western Australia the day after my birthday and i will stay at my guardian's house (rumah pengasuh) .My mum is going there to continue with her PHD..and i understand that. I understand she is going there because of her studies..and i shouldn't be upset about it but she's going to be there for 3weeks or a MONTH..and it give me this sad lonely feeling. Whatever happen..i have to be happy for her and pray that she will graduate her PHD very soon. i can't show her that i'm a little sad about she's leaving me..i don't want her to be worry. I'm a big girl...i can't just think about myself..i have to think about others too..

okey...sampai sini dulu... see ya in the next entry.. :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kenduri..dan Kucing baru =)

Assalamulaikum, ape khabar semua? okey cuti sekolah ni mesti lah ade jemputan kenduri kahwin kan?. Tadi aku ikut mama aku gi kenduri kat Rawang. Lepas tution..terus pergi kenduri. Dah lame tak makan nasi minyak..hehe :)

Nie gambar aku gi kenduri tadi..

lepas kenduri..tiba-tiba pulak mama  teringin nak pergi Jusco yang baru bukak kat Rawang. Jusco Rawang memang besar...macam-macam kedai ade.. and tak lame lagi panggung wayang akan dibuka. Seharian jalan-jalan kat Jusco...memang satu Jusco tu kiteorang cover...then kiteorang makan kat PapaJohn for the first time. Sedap jugak pizza dia.. mmm..YUMMY =). Lepas tu terus balik rumah rehat2.

Then Abang Rezal call mama kate dah boleh ambik kucing. 3 minggu lepas mama ade tanye Abang Rezal yang kerja kat klinik haiwan ade tak kucing lebih untuk jadikan kawan Ray. Abang Rezal kate ade..2 ekor kucing Dr Zul jumpe kat depan pagar rumah dia.Abang  Rezal kate sekarang tak boleh ambik lagi nak tunggu kucing tu besar sikit...dan kutu. So tadi aku ikut mama pergi klinik haiwan ambik 2 ekor kucing tu.....sangat COMEL ^_^

Ni lah Ray...comel tak?

Ni lah kucing yang ambik dari klinik haiwan tadi.. kucing ni kena kurung untuk sementara..supaya biase dengan susana baru.. dan jugak supaya tak gaduh dengan Ray. Ray ni garang sikit.. maklumlah dah biase duduk sorang...

okey lah sampai sini dulu see ya in the next entry... BYE! =)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm back Blogging

Assalamualaikum, semua sihat? how's your holiday? hope that you all had a great holiday..
dah kemurun aku tak update blog ni..infact tahun ni langsung tak post ape-ape kt blog ni..entah mengapa tahun ni tak semangat nak blogging. Tapi sekarang semangat itu dah datang balik. so from now on i will start to blogging and try to post more often.

so..so far in this school holiday i went window shopping with my mum at Midvalley. I haven't been there in ages. We spend the whole day in Midvalley. First we went to the cinema and bought tickets to watch Man in Black III in 3D. It was a really good movie...and funny too =). I just luv watching Will Smith acting. I have nothing much to say..
See ya in the next entry..... =D   

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cuti Sekolah...

Assalamualaikum....semua !!! ^_^ I'm back..to update my blog. Korang buat ape time cuti sekolah ni?? korang ade keluar dengan member?? atau korang duk rumah and online sepanjang hari?? hehe tu lah cuti sekolah agak bosan.. hmm peliklah bile time sekolah rase cam nak cuti tapi bile time cuti rase nak sekolah pulak sebab bosan giler duduk kat rumah.By the way sorry dah lame tak update..lately ni line tak berapa betul..asyik slow and hanging..tu yang membuatkan Syirah agak malas nak bukak blog ni dan dan upload gambar on facebook.Hmmm tapi cuti sekolah ni Syirah cube tak nak membazirkan mase dengan tengok tv dan online je macam dulu. Cuti kali ni Syirah nak isikan mase dengan mengulang kaji dan buat persiapan untuk PMR next year. huhuhu rase berdebar pulak bile fikir pasal PMR...takut!!! tapi Syirah tak adalah menghadap buku je sepanjang hari nak jugak enjoy time cuti ni. So Syirah akan practise main gitar..hmm Syirah masih lagi tak reti main chord...so kena banyak practise. Practise makes perfect..:) dan juga Syirah akan spend time dengan bace novel atau komik. Kadang kala bace novel ni best jugak sebab ia boleh membawa kite ke dunia yang lain...haha ceh wah!!! dan jugak Syirah rase nak jugak main Nintendo Wii. Dah lama dah tak main game tu...cuti sekolah ni bolehlah Syirah main Just Dance...sekurang-kurangnye boleh exercise sikit...hehe XD  okeylah sampai sini dulu lah dah tak tahu nak cakap ape dah..anyway hope u guys have an awesome and a great HOLIDAY!!!! BYE!!! CYA on the next entry...kay !!! ^_^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello Readers!!

Hai...sorry dah lame tak update blog ni...bukan sengaje tapi kadang-kadang tak ade idea nak tulis...dan jugak nak kena fokus on the Final Exam. So far dah jawab 6 paper. Bm,Bm2,sivik,bi1,agama dan Ictl. Bm2 Alhamdulillah aku boleh buat tapi susah lah gak..espicially bahagian B kena tulis karangan pasal kraf tangan. Mula-mula agak blur..tapi aku bedal..je. Macam-macam aku merepek dalam karangan tu.Hahahah!! tahu2 lah aku nie lemah bm tapi sekurang-kurangnye aku buat yang terbaik tu pun dah kira okey kan?? Bm1 boleh lah...Aku jawab dengan fikiran yang tenang dan baca soalan slow2. Bi1 okeylah..ade lah sikit soalan yang susah tapi boleh buat. Sivik mula-mula senang lepastu bile dah sampai pasal parlimen tu..hmm Hentam saje!!! haha.. Agama agak mencabar..aku tak tahu lah bile aku baca buku susah nak melekat kt otak tapi aku boleh jawab..tapi takut lah..ade yang aku hentam je ...asalkan aku tak biarkan banyak kosong...tapi aku adelah tinggal 3 soalan kosong..memang tak tahu nak jawab ape. Ictl senang..tapi ada sikit aku main hentam..yelah aku ni bukan tahu semua pasal komputer...and network ni but so far exam ni okey.

So sekarang ni cuti depavali for three days...and five days including weekends..so this give me more time to study for the final exam. Hopefully i will get a good result that will make my mum HAPPY and PROUD of ME!! I am her only hope so i don't want to disappoint her.SO siang aku akan study ikut jadual yang aku buat untuk persediaan untuk Final Exam then malam aku online Facebook,twitter,tumblr and kalau aku ada mase dan idea inshaallah aku akan update blog ni. Tapi lepas exam ni aku akan cube untuk selalu update blog ni.


Thursday, October 6, 2011






Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday MUM!!!

Assalamualaikum...dan selamat malam kepada blogger2 semua.. Hari ni 3 oktober merupakan hari jadi mama..^_^ sorry mama..syahirah x ada hadiah untuk mama..syahirah hanya mampu buat kad hari jadi dan wish kat mama..walaubagaimanapun U r my IDOL!!!
syahirah tahu bukan senang jadi ibu tunggal...but i think you have done your responsibility really well..Mama sanggup buat apa saje untuk syahirah menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran.Mama sudah sediakan segala keperluan syahirah dan mama juga cuba memenuhi kehendak syahirah...Mama juga memberi kasih sayang sepenuhnya pada syahirah..bukan hanya kasih sayang seorang ibu tapi mama cube memberi kasih sayang yang lebih dari itu agar syahirah tidak rasa kehilagan kasih sayang dari seorang bapa.Mama juga seorang yang berdikari...banyak benda yang mama kena uruskan sendiri.Mama juga seorang yang bekerja keras..dan bagi syahirah mama adalah seorang yang sangat BERJAYA!!!

Di mana ada kasih dan sayang, Di situ wujudnya kehidupan,

Mengetahui perkara yang betul
tidak memadai dan bermakna apabila
tidak melakukan perkara yang betul.

kecermelangan adalah hasil daripada
sikap sentiasa mahu melakukan yang terbaik.

manusia yang di hormati ialah orang
yang sentiasa menghormati orang lain.


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