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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Terengganu 2013

Hello Everybody :) how are you guys doing?? good? Alright so.. Last week my mum and i went to Terengganu. We went there because my mum has this JKR meeting for a couple of days. I thought it will be boring because my mum will be in the meeting room all day until night and i will be stuck in the hotel room alone. My mum sign me up for this JKR family trip around Terengganu. I join the trip with my mum's friend's family because my mum has meeting. So its me with my mum's friend's wife and her two beautiful daughters Kak Syikin and Nadia. We went Taman Tamadun Islam. First, we went to the Monument where we see replicas of Mosque all around the world. It was all wonderful and we also get to watch a few documentary videos that are interesting.


Here is me next to a replica of Taj Mahal

You know i really hope than one day i will have a chance to visit the real Taj Mahal.

After that we rode a little tram to Masjid Kristal. It was a beautiful mosque. We stopped by at a shop nearby to buy some drinks since it was a really hot day and we were all dehydrated. Guess what happened?? we missed the tram!! We were so lucky that the next thing on our field trip list was a cruise ride. Luckily the cruise station were just nearby so we had to walked there. When we arrived at the cruise station, we were worried because we couldn't find the rest of people who were on the same trip as us. So we sat down and relax and waited. A few moment later they all arrived. They were actually looking for us. So, once everything was settle down we wore our life jackets and get ready for the cruise ride :D

Here is a picture of me with Kak Syikin waiting at the cruise station.

The cruise were splendid. We get to see different kind of islands, fisherman's boat, beautiful houses, resorts and Masjid Kristal. Our host on the cruise were really nice and funny. He was spontaneous and telling jokes that made everybody laugh.

Here's Masjid Kristal from the cruise view

Here's a picture of me with Nadia wearing our life jackets on the cruise

After the cruise end, we went to this songket gallery and watch people making songket. Its not that easy to make songket. It took skills and passion. Then we had our lunch. Our lunch were delightful and delicious. We had a buffet of rice with fried chicken,fried fish and a few tradisional food. Once we had our lunch we went to Kompleks Keusahawanan. We went to watch people painting batik. The patterns were so pretty.

ITS ME!!! painting batik ^_^

Look!! its a teddy bear made from songket
After that, we went back to our hotel and that was the end of our field trip :)

ZIZAN entertaining us :)

On our last night at Terengganu JKR arranged a family dinner at a stadium. The were lots of delicious tradisional food. You know what?? ZIZAN RAJA LAWAK came and sang us a song. Its turns out that his dad work for JKR. He is a nice guy. He's not the kind of guy who forget their trueself once they got famous. He is the kind of guy who stay true and respect his parents.
Here is me getting bored while waiting for food :)
I really enjoy this trip :) i totally fall in love with Terengganu. Hopefully i am able to visit Terengganu again :) I JUST LOVE TRAVELING !!!! 

Here's a picture of me in the airplane going back to KL
That's it for now :) see ya in the next entry :) Hope you all had a nice holiday :)


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