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Im turning fabulous 15 this year. I'm just an ordinary girl who is living in this big wide world and trying to be a better person i can be. Life is full of challenge,Meet it. Life is full of lesson..and this blog is about my life and the lesson that i've learn..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is JUNE going to be a great MONTH for me??

Hey everybody, so the school holiday is coming to an end...and school is gonna start. Are you guys ready for school? Well..I'm not.. i don't know why but i feel like i want the holiday to be longer. Hope that the school is gonna be okay...and not stressing me out much.. The month June is my favourite month..one of the reason is that my BIRTHDAY is in JUNE. The other reasons are..that i just love the number 6 and the month June always turn out great..(i..guess so..) but this year is different. Firstly is because I'm a little worried about my study..and literally panicking and nervous about PMR and also about the results that I'm gonna get. To be honest...i didn't really do well on the exam...soo i guess my mum is going to be disappointed with my result again! Another thing is that my mum will go back to Perth,Western Australia the day after my birthday and i will stay at my guardian's house (rumah pengasuh) .My mum is going there to continue with her PHD..and i understand that. I understand she is going there because of her studies..and i shouldn't be upset about it but she's going to be there for 3weeks or a MONTH..and it give me this sad lonely feeling. Whatever happen..i have to be happy for her and pray that she will graduate her PHD very soon. i can't show her that i'm a little sad about she's leaving me..i don't want her to be worry. I'm a big girl...i can't just think about myself..i have to think about others too..

okey...sampai sini dulu... see ya in the next entry.. :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kenduri..dan Kucing baru =)

Assalamulaikum, ape khabar semua? okey cuti sekolah ni mesti lah ade jemputan kenduri kahwin kan?. Tadi aku ikut mama aku gi kenduri kat Rawang. Lepas tution..terus pergi kenduri. Dah lame tak makan nasi minyak..hehe :)

Nie gambar aku gi kenduri tadi..

lepas kenduri..tiba-tiba pulak mama  teringin nak pergi Jusco yang baru bukak kat Rawang. Jusco Rawang memang besar...macam-macam kedai ade.. and tak lame lagi panggung wayang akan dibuka. Seharian jalan-jalan kat Jusco...memang satu Jusco tu kiteorang cover...then kiteorang makan kat PapaJohn for the first time. Sedap jugak pizza dia.. mmm..YUMMY =). Lepas tu terus balik rumah rehat2.

Then Abang Rezal call mama kate dah boleh ambik kucing. 3 minggu lepas mama ade tanye Abang Rezal yang kerja kat klinik haiwan ade tak kucing lebih untuk jadikan kawan Ray. Abang Rezal kate ade..2 ekor kucing Dr Zul jumpe kat depan pagar rumah dia.Abang  Rezal kate sekarang tak boleh ambik lagi nak tunggu kucing tu besar sikit...dan kutu. So tadi aku ikut mama pergi klinik haiwan ambik 2 ekor kucing tu.....sangat COMEL ^_^

Ni lah Ray...comel tak?

Ni lah kucing yang ambik dari klinik haiwan tadi.. kucing ni kena kurung untuk sementara..supaya biase dengan susana baru.. dan jugak supaya tak gaduh dengan Ray. Ray ni garang sikit.. maklumlah dah biase duduk sorang...

okey lah sampai sini dulu see ya in the next entry... BYE! =)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm back Blogging

Assalamualaikum, semua sihat? how's your holiday? hope that you all had a great holiday..
dah kemurun aku tak update blog ni..infact tahun ni langsung tak post ape-ape kt blog ni..entah mengapa tahun ni tak semangat nak blogging. Tapi sekarang semangat itu dah datang balik. so from now on i will start to blogging and try to post more often.

so..so far in this school holiday i went window shopping with my mum at Midvalley. I haven't been there in ages. We spend the whole day in Midvalley. First we went to the cinema and bought tickets to watch Man in Black III in 3D. It was a really good movie...and funny too =). I just luv watching Will Smith acting. I have nothing much to say..
See ya in the next entry..... =D   

Di mana ada kasih dan sayang, Di situ wujudnya kehidupan,

Mengetahui perkara yang betul
tidak memadai dan bermakna apabila
tidak melakukan perkara yang betul.

kecermelangan adalah hasil daripada
sikap sentiasa mahu melakukan yang terbaik.

manusia yang di hormati ialah orang
yang sentiasa menghormati orang lain.


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