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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Nice Trip!!!!

 kitty luv
kitty luv
             Assalamualikum, i'm Back from a nice trip to JOHOR with
             my best friends IRA and her family. I  ate lots of delicious                                                                              First we when to herGrandparentshouse at BATU PAHAT      
             and have a delicious homemade IKAN masak ASAM PEDAS
             YUMMY!!!!! On the first night we have Ikan bakar for DINNER!!!
             On the third night we have chicken soup special for dinner.... Then
             we went to BATU PAHAT MALL!!!!! it was a big shopping mall!!!

               The NEXT day we continued our trip to JOHOR BAHRU!!!!
               The First thing we did when we arrive at JOHOR BAHRU we
               our lunch and we ate KACANG POOL...it was my first time

               eating it..and i LOVE it!!!! On the second night we ate IKAN BAKAR
               and BABY CRAB!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!

               I had a LOT of fun in this trip and it is nice meeting my friends FAMILY!!!!


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